Are There Benefits of Cucumber for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women must consume more nutritious fruits and vegetables, one of which is cucumber. Because the benefits of cucumber for pregnant women quite a lot, ranging from preventing dehydration in the mother to support optimal fetal development.

Cucumber during Pregnancy: Health Benefits, Risks & Tips

The main content of cucumbers is water. There are also some vitamins and minerals and sugar, but not in significant quantities.

Although unusual, there are some areas in Indonesia that prohibit pregnant women from eating cucumber because it is believed to cause vomiting. On the contrary, cucumber is a good plant for overall human health and is relatively safe for consumption by pregnant women.

Cucumber benefits for pregnant women

Having weight gain is inevitable for pregnant women. But at least, eating cucumber for pregnant women will not add weight gain during pregnancy because half the portion of cucumber only contains 8 calories.

Beyond that, the following benefits of cucumber eating can also be felt by pregnant women:

•        Prevents dehydration

The water content in cucumbers feels refreshing, especially if the vegetables are used as cucumber ice drinks. Water in cucumbers also contains electrolytes so as to prevent pregnant women from becoming dehydrated.

•        Strengthens bones

Cucumber contains vitamin K which is useful for strengthening and healthy bones. Cucumber also contains B vitamins, iron, folic acid, and magnesium which are also useful for supporting fetal development.

•        Prevents swelling

When consumed in the first trimester, cucumber for pregnant women can maintain skin elasticity. Meanwhile, if eaten during the third trimester, cucumber is also believed to prevent swelling in the feet and hands of pregnant women.

•        Normalize blood sugar levels

For those of you who are at risk or are experiencing gestational diabetes, cucumber consumption for pregnant women is very good because it can balance blood sugar levels.

•        Prevents constipation

Besides being rich in water, cucumber also contains fiber which is useful for digestion of pregnant women. Cucumber consumption for pregnant women is believed to prevent constipation thereby reducing your risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

•        Improve mood and immunity

Vitamin B in cucumbers is believed to improve mood. With a conducive mood, immunity will also increase. This is also supported by the antioxidant content in cucumbers.

•        Supports healthy fetal development

The benefits of cucumber for pregnant women are also felt by the fetus. Cucumbers also contain vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, origin of folate, zinc, potassium, magnesium, to iron which can support fetal development.

Despite having various benefits, cucumber consumption should also not be excessive. Cucumber also can not be used as a supplement or drug to replace a doctor’s prescription.

Various ways to enjoy cucumber

To get the benefits of cucumbers for pregnant women above, you can immediately consume them. Do not forget to clean the outside of the cucumber or peel the skin to ensure the cleanliness of raw vegetables that enter your body.

Cucumbers can also be consumed in the form of salads or used as a complement to sandwiches or fried rice. Another alternative is to make it a drink, for example cucumber-lime ice, cucumber-mint ice cream, or soak the cucumber overnight in white water, aka infused water.

Cucumber is commonly used as a pickle, but pregnant women should limit their consumption of cucumber pickles during pregnancy because it is feared to trigger high blood pressure which may lead to preeclampsia. Per 100 grams of serving, cucumber pickles contain 457 mg of sodium or nearly 20 percent of the daily consumption limit.